Does Economics Trump Race and Religion?

Because of the clamor in the media about all the problems that Trump purportedly inherited from Obama, there have been more fingers pointing than ever before as to who is responsible for the growing income inequality in America. The Appalachian miners are struggling because the change in demand from coal to clean fuel alternatives has resulted in economic collapse for entire communities. And despite the rhetoric coming from the White House on saving a dying industry, coal mines are shutting down across the country.

Yet Wall Street continues to rally as the plans for increased infrastructure spending and tax breaks for corporate America are beginning to be rolled out to the anxiously awaiting public. And at first, I was impressed with Ivanka Trump’s proposal for a Childcare Tax Credit. But then I saw this commentary in the Chicago Tribune and realized that our lower and middle income families could be in for a major disappointment because it will be those who make over $200,000 per year who will benefit most from this credit. Those who need it most will receive the least assistance from it. The president also plans to get rid of the Earned Income Credit, which helps single parent families.

At the same time, hard working people who have been here for years, are in fear of being deported. Because even though they might not have committed any other crimes, they committed the crime of entering the country illegally. So while we are threatening Jewish synagogues, and profiling Mexicans and African Americans, and accusing one group of taking jobs away from another, maybe we should be looking at the White House and the plans it’s proposing to push through Congress. As our President and his staff continue to turn more and more of Trump’s campaign proposals into policies, we need to stop and consider if what sounds good on paper, or on the news, will benefit us all in the long run. Or will we see the income gap continue to grow?



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