Detroit What!

I proudly admit that I’m a Motown transplant. When I tell the natives I moved from the mile high city of Denver, Colorado to Detroit, Michigan, they ask me why. I respond by asking them, “Why not?” Detroit takes pride in its rich heritage. The ethnic and cultural diversity, “good eatin'”, and activities on the River Walk are quickly making Detroit a Mecca for travelers from across the globe. It’s family oriented. And if you like sports, Detroit has that, too.

It’s the pride everyone has in knowing that family and community come first that puts Detroit above the other major metropolitan areas in my book. And for all the Trump talk about how devastatingly “horrible” the inner cities are, he must not have seen the Detroit I see. Yes, there is high unemployment, and poverty. There are charter schools on every other block, and yet Detroit has the worst public school system in the country. But those very things that others see as being symptomatic of poverty, the people of Detroit see as just another issue, among a long list of challenges that they will overcome sooner than later.

And if you don’t believe me, then think about this. Detroit offers tuition free education to any two-year college, occupational college, or apprenticeship of the student’s choice. And all the kids have to do is graduate high school. This opportunity is offered no matter race, religion, sexual preference, or ethnicity. Socioeconomic standing and grade point average are of no consideration. For a city seeking revitalization, what better way to start than through the education, not the miseducationof our future generations?


Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning to the sun spreading her love across the Detroit River as it becomes one with Lake St. Clair? Even after having to go into receivership, followed by a financial bailout of a school system choking on its own debt, Detroit’s people refuse to give up on the city they love so much. They continue to patronize the Eastern Market, year-round. The Renaissance Center is experiencing increased occupancy, after so many years of being half empty. The renovation of Cobo Hall and the new Ford Field are drawing many to the inner city once again. Of course, I’ll have camera in hand when the regatta from Chicago to Mackinaw Island passes my way.

It was amazing to me to see the myriads of African American families out yesterday. Families who came to join in on one of the many opportunities to participate in cultural activities, tailored for all to enjoy, in a city that places a high priority on community. And of course, I can’t complain about the fireworks displays that lit up the sky on either end of the river channel between Windsor, Canada and the Motor City last night. So, Trump be damned. This predominately black city of Detroit has already started taking its place back as one of the premier tourist attractions and family friendly living environments in this great nation of ours!



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