Just When You Thought Trump Tales Couldn’t Get Any Better, Donald Trump Jr. Adds a New Twist to Keep You Hanging

This blog will be short because there’s no need in beating the proverbial dead horse, unless the horse is not quite dead yet. Since the beginning of Trump’s campaign, there has been some question about our new president’s perception of Vladimir Putin and Russia. Some have referred to their strange relationship as a “bromance”. As time progresses, revelations have compounded, one upon another, that bring their relationship more and more into question.

We have gone from one controversy surrounding Paul Manafort’s – Manafort being Trump’s first campaign chairman – meeting with Russian officials early on in the Trump campaign, to the possibility of Trump Jr. now being investigated for conspiracy over a meeting with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging information on Hillary Clinton to share with the Trump campaign. This meeting occurred with Paul Manafort present, weeks after Trump Sr. won the Republican nomination for presidency.

To further complicate the story, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, agreed to the meeting along with the others. Now if that doesn’t create a sense of intrigue and collusion, I don’t know what does. The three top people in Trump’s campaign meet with a Russian national to get the dirt on Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent. This might just be the beginning of a climactic decline for the Trump administration.

The Trump story and his rise to the presidency reads like a bestselling novel. Only this mystery is not fictional. And the worst part of this whole debacle is that Putin is enjoying this more than the Democrats are.

The Trump campaign trio could be facing charges of violation of campaign finance obligations, because they sought information of value from a foreign national. And Donald Trump Jr.’s failure to disclose his contact with this Russian national, while seeking a security clearance, might just be the surface of the mire Trump Jr. has created for himself and his father. This story is definitely becoming a page turner. I wonder what happens next! Whatever it is, it doesn’t look good for America.


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