Trump’s White House Saga Escalates After Only 203 Days in Office

After only 203 days in office, President Trump and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un are already escalating their animosity towards one another, resulting in the frightening prospects of war. The most disturbing aspect of this escalation is that our president hasn’t even bothered to find out how the citizens of this nation feel about declaring war against North Korea.

I, personally, find this a frightening prospect, even though North Korea is only the size of Vermont. And their nuclear arsenal cannot compare to that of the United States. Will this precipitate the next world war? Or can China and Russia aid in negotiating a de-escalation before our countries start what might end up as the end of life as we know it on earth?

If Trump listens to anyone, it will be Putin. And Korea has Kim Jong Un’s full attention. That is good and unfortunate at the same time. If Trump had listened to the people of this nation instead of supporting Vladimir Putin, then maybe this escalation would not have happened to begin with.

Because, aside from his base of supporters, I surmise that the majority of Americans would not have endorsed this unnecessary, and possibly deadly, game of cat and mouse. No what matter political affiliation, race, religion, or sexual identity the people align with, I sincerely believe this is one issue we can stand together on.

One thing I can say about this president, every day brings something new. A new crisis, and new policies that rescind everything Obama has done, and new Tweets. Before today I was intrigued by the chaos this administration has created, chaos unlike any other administration in recent history. Now I’m not only skeptical, I am fearful. United we must stand America, or divided we will fall.



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