Let Us Not Forget These Seven Endangered Species

In the midst of the global warming controversy, let us not forget about those that are endangered victims of our reckless disregard for the earth that helped give birth to us all. I’m talking about those victims of climate change.

National Geographic provides a list of seven species most affected by climate change. Interestingly, many live in arid countries. The list also includes species that were recently believed to have gone extinct as a result of global warming.

  1. Polar bears
  2. Orange-spotted file fish that inhabit coral reefs
  3. Coral are declining everywhere, including warmer climates.
  4. Quiver trees, indigenous to the arid west of Namibia and South Africa
  5. Adelie penguins
  6. The Golden and Monteverde harlequin frogs of Central America are believed to have gone extinct as a result of climate change.
  7. North Atlantic Cod


And for those doubters, NASA provides some profound evidence that atmospheric carbon dioxide has risen precipitously since industrialization. Carbon dioxide that has been trapping heat on earth since the nineteenth century. The greatest impact being most evident after 1950.  Yet, the president questions the validity of global warming, as we saw by his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

We, as humans, cannot afford to continue to turn a blind eye to the impact we are having on this planet that is shared by more species than ourselves. Species that we coexist with. Species that provide our livelihood and ensure the balance between all species on our planet. Even though I admire the cockroach for its adaptability and resilience, I would hate to see them take over the world as we know it.

While there are species that can hibernate for centuries, even millennium, could they survive on a planet that could become as hostile as Mars? So let us not forget those species that are most vulnerable, many of which we depend on for our own survival as only one of many species inhabiting this planet.






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