The Dreamers’ Nightmare

The fact that the president decided to announce he has come to a decision about DACA during one of our country’s most devastating natural disasters has turned the hopeful vision for the future of many Dreamers into a tormenting nightmare. I wonder if Trump considered the impact this could have on those Dreamers who live and work in the area impacted by hurricane Harvey. According to Pew Research, of the 800,000 Dreamers on record, 121,000 live in Texas. So again I ask, what was the president thinking?

I have read too many heart wrenching accounts about those who will be affected by this decision should the president move forward with dismantling DACA. The biggest concern evolves around the fear that immigration officials will use the information garnered against those who willfully registered as undocumented citizens. These are people who were brought, by their parents, to this country as children illegally. But this is the only country many of them will ever know. Now they not only face the prospect of losing access to education and jobs, they might be deported to a country they have little, if any, ties to.

Trump has always been an opportunist. That is how he was able to build such a signficant real estate empire. Did he consider this his opportunity to take another jab at his predecessor? It is more than obvious that dismantling anything Obama created was and still is at the top of Trump’s agenda. Even though he is surrounded by others who disagree with his desire to dismantle DACA, that does not seem to be a dissuading factor for this president.

Fortunately, this president does not operate in a vacuum, and the cries for help from many of the Dreamers after his announcement has not gone unheard. Many Republican members of Congress are urging the president to reconsider. They embrace the benefits DACA renders because it gives members of our society a way to give back to a country that has given so much to them. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has been joined by others in an effort to save DACA and give those recipients an avenue to pursue permanent and legal residence here should they choose to stay.

As an Independent, I have had little to say about the divided partisanship in our Congress. But, for once I agree with the Speaker and others who believe that the president’s pandering to his base and his obsession with his predecessor are not serving our country well. Nor does his decision to dismantle DACA represent those ideals upon which our country was founded.

Taking advantage of a natural disaster the scope of Harvey in an effort to quickly get DACA dismantled causes me to question Trump’s humanity. We, the people, cannot allow the Dreamers’ hopes for the future to turn into the nightmare they could have never anitcipated. We should also give special consideration to those unfortunate enough to have lost everything to Harvey in the wake of the president’s announcement. The angst those Dreamers must be experiencing is incomprehensible.


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