Five Reasons Why Human Activity Has Caused More Hurricanes

Many are beginning to question if there is any correlation between the recent hurricanes and climate change. Although there is no evidence that there is a direct connection between the two, meteorologists at Time online point to five reasons hurricanes have been more frequent and grown in strength. And they argue that climate change has been a contributing factor based on the following observations:

  1. Hot Air – The primary reason for the increase in hurricane activity is an increase in global temperatures resulting from industrialization.
  2. Warm Water – The rise in air temperature has caused the temperature of water to rise as well. Hurricanes are fueled by warm water.
  3. Dangerous Currents – There is s natural rhythm in the rise and fall of temperatures called the AMO, Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. Climate change has disrupted this rhythm, causing a longer and more active hurricane season than expected. Consequently, warmer currents are being driven by the Gulf Stream towards more populated areas.
  4. Deep Oceans – The rise in water temperature has caused the polar caps to melt, resulting in rising water levels. This results in higher storm surges on coastal areas.
  5. Clear Skies – Ironically, the effort to clean up emissions caused by industrialization has been successful. That has created clear skies and warmer temperatures. It is also argued that the 70% decrease in emissions, resulting from recent regulations, outweighs the damage caused by not regulating emissions.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research has confirmed that the Atlantic Ocean normally experiences fluctuations in temperature over time. This results in cycles of increases and decreases in hurricane activity. But, there is an indirect correlation between human activity and the impactful hurricanes we are seeing in Florida and what we saw in Texas. All the more reason to question the president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.




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