A Presidential Decision Worth Supporting

In an effort to get a political victory, Trump has made a presidential decision I can finally support. A compromise has been made to establish a path to citizenship for Dreamers who were brought to America as undocumented citizens by their parents. It will include an agreement to beef up security on the southern border.

In his compromise with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer, Trump basically flipped the finger at the Republican Congress that was ready to do whatever they could to push a bill on the wall through the House and Senate. So, no border wall despite the president’s campaign promises. At least not for now.

Of course this decision was met with outrage from some of the president’s staunchest supporters. Ann Coulter’s conservative commentaries, editorials, and best-selling books resonate with the president’s far right supporters. They are outraged at Trump’s revelation to forego the border wall for now in lieu of increased security. Coulter unapologetically used the president’s favorite social media platform, Twitter, to express her displeasure with his declaration. She went so far as to wonder who doesn’t want Trump impreached now?

Jeff Sessions accepted the position of Attorney General and he promised to do whatever he could, within his power, to ensure the wall was built. And he continued to stand by Trump from the beginning of his presidential campaign until now. Even though the president has openly belittled him in front of Congress and the American public. I wonder how Sessions is feeling now? Most likely, betrayed.

All in all, I must say this is a day for celebration within the Democratic Party. And many of the Dreamers are probably heaving an immense sigh of relief. If he doesn’t backtrack, as the president often does, then the Dreamers can stay in the country they call home. They can continue to grow and contribute to our country without having to worry about being separated from their families and deported. If this compromise becomes a reality, the Mexican president no longer has to insist that his country will not help pay for the border wall. And, for once I will be able to say “Good job Mr. President!”



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