Again, Why All The Hoopla About Healthcare Reform?

Again, I must ask why all the hoopla about getting healthcare reform passed before September thirtieth when Obamacare is suppose to be “imploding” anyway?  I get the concern about limited access and availability.

I had an Obamacare subsidized plan once, until I was able to get a job that offers a “stipend” to help defray some of the cost of health insurance. Only problem with my subsidized insurance was that none of the listed providers I called for an appointment had even heard of the insurance company. So, I never had the opportunity to find out if it was worth the expense.

But, the Republican plan would offer HSAs. And HSAs are a pretax deduction, for now. What about those who have no disposable income to contribute to an HSA? Besides, under this president, the HSA tax incentive could easily change.

Now that Bernie Sanders has submitted his proposal for Medicare For All I find the Republican efforts at tax reform ludicrous and a waste of time. Why should I back a plan that only gaurantees access.? In my mind, Congress is asking me to go back to what I couldn’t afford before Obamacare.

The only difference now is that I would most likely be penalized for letting the insurance I couldn’t afford before lapse. Being single and living off a teacher’s salary, I would probably have to settle on no insurance at all until I could qualify for Medicare.

So should we support the Republican health care insurance reform, even though many can’t afford it? Or push for Medicare for All? Sure BernieCare will result in tax increases. But the heaviest share of the burden could be assumed by the One Percent. That’s how it works everywhere else. Like Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. I don’t hear them complaining. And let’s not forget Cuba, one of our closest neighbors. How is it they can afford the best healthcare system in the world, but we can’t?

The new Republican version would gaurantee access and strip Medicaid, while offering tax incentives for those making over $250,000 per year. Then there’s BernieCare. Medicare for All offers, not just access to healthcare insurance; it gaurantees affordable insurance for all Americans regardless of income. So I ask you again, America. Why all the hoopla on healthcare reform? Seems to me the obvious best choice is BernieCare.


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