The President Uses the NFL to Create Another Divisive Tide

The president has created another divisive tide around an NFL controversy he resurrected involving protests and black players. Most African Americans have no problem with the flag and our national anthem at sporting venues. They represent solidarity, and remind us of those who died for our nation.

What we, and the protesting players, have an issue with is the president of the United States using his bully pulpit to incite further divisiveness in this country. What we, as African Americans, are struggling with is the New Jim Crow, where black lives no longer seem to matter.

Ever heard of monopsony? It’s an economic term that means there is no one individual who possesses the same set of skills each player contributes to his team. So, suggesting that these young black men be fired would mean the financial ruin of the NFL and the NBA, which is 74% black.

And how is it that white supremacists, conducting violent, xenophobic, and racist protest can be “good people”? But men, of all races, who conduct peaceful protest are “sons of bitches”!

Bravo ESPN for stating they will show both the national anthem and the NFL Unity Ad during Monday Night Football! My hat goes off to the NFL, because they obviously understand that unity supersedes race on any playing field.

So, mr. president, what’s it going to be? Do you want to see 70% of the NFL players fired? Because that’s how many of them are black. Furthermore, shouldn’t you be more focused on our citizens in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands caught in the aftermath of another earthquake right now?


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