Rooster Soup and Feel Good News

I’m back from hiatus with “feel good news” about Rooster Soup from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rooster Soup gives rise to an exemplary dining experience for those who, like my father often said, “Pay their bills before they eat.” And for those who are homeless or just need company and a hearty meal, the restaurant offers full service dining, equipped with table settings and a welcoming ambience. In other words, Rooster Soup is not your traditional “soup kitchen”.

Even though the restaurant opened it doors just this year, the establishment has garnered a lot of media attention for it’s exemplary cuisine. Among it’s accolades, Rooster Soup has already been named as one of the “Top Ten New Restauraunts” by Food an Wine magazine and GQ. But the fact that the restaurant was opened for the very reason of giving 100% of it’s profits to the underserved is what makes this story so heartwarming.

Rooster Soup is a novel idea, to say the least. These restaurateurs allow their patrons of misfortune to take a much needed respite from the harsh realities of poverty and loneliness. And if it proves true that good company and friendly conversation deters the development of Alzheimer’s, Rooster Soup offers a medicinal remedy for those who suffer from a disease that indiscriminately steals one’s mental faculties. So, the owners partnered with Broad Street Ministries, who provides the accommodations separate from the primary restaurant, for this unique dining experience.

The restaurant owners Mike Solomonov, Steve Cook, and Mike Dahl like to call it their contribution to “radical hospitality” in the heart of Philly on Broad Street. Even the servers offer their labor without recompense and with love from their hearts. As one patron stated, “No one is judged here.” You can speak on whatever you choose without fear of creating conflict. There is no dress code. And if the patrons have no place to bath before dining, they are never turned away, ostracized, or humiliated.

The idea for the restaurant came from one of the co-owners who was once drug addicted and homeless himself. Understanding that many who are homeless may be mentally incapacitated or have fallen on severe misfortune, in the article’s video he reminds us that any one of us could find ourselves in the same situation one day. What better way to show hospitality with compassion than to open their doors to those who need and deserve it most? Bravo Rooster Soup!



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