Where’s All the Deregulation Profit Going?

It’s a snow day in Detroit, and as I was napping I woke up to the President boasting about all the money companies are getting back because of his efforts to deregulate. I had to ask, “ where is all this money going”? While Wall Street is seeing record profits because of his efforts, or so the president asserts, why haven’t I heard Average Joe praising deregulation because he got a pay raise or a better job?

In the Motor City I haven’t heard about any mass hirings because of deregulation. If the automotive industry is benefiting, they must be spending those dollars on robotics. Definitely not a job maker. Nor do I hear that the money is being spent on retraining displaced factory workers.

Speaking of training, I haven’t seen any educators jumping for joy either. Many of us continue to struggle, living from paycheck to paycheck. We haven’t gotten back any of the money we had to spend on supplies needed at the beginning of the school year. Supplies like paper, pencils, staples and staplers that end up broken by an overly determined child who thinks he or she can make it work better. And if Congress gets the tax bill passed, we won’t be able to deduct that expense. So if the president and Congress is expecting the corporate tax break to result in reinvestment, excuse me for my skepticism.

As the president told the black voters during his campaign, our communities are crime ridden and our schools suck. So what do we have to lose if we stand behind a president who supported a candidate for Senate who said that the best times our country ever had was when my ancestors were in slavery? In our estimation, we will lose those civil rights our ancestors and contemporaries fought and died for.

And as far as Amarosa, I think I speak for most of the black community when I say we can’t mourn the loss of something we never had. And that something is leadership with empathy for the common man and woman. I project that the 2018 elections will see another record turnout of black voters similar to what we just saw in Alabama. And the majority of us will be voting against this president and everything his Congressional supporters and staff represent.




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